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Crochet Basics

The Getting Started Guide Printable Step-by-Step Tutorial
What patterns should I try? What does this word mean?
Beginners Mistakes All About Crochet Hooks
The Turning Chain Controversy How do I change colors?
How do I join pieces? Three ways to work into a turning chain
What does this word mean? How do I keep my hands from hurting?

Yarn and Tools

How is yarn made? Where can I buy yarn?
How do I read a yarn label? Calculate Yardage on Unlabelled Yarn
How do I dye yarn? What kinds of yarn are there?
What do I need besides yarn? What does this thing do?
How can I see what a yarn worked up? How do I choose yarn for a pattern?

How do I...

...reduce my stash? ...make things fit better?
...use odd novelty yarns? ...read written patterns?
...put images on crochet? ...read symbol patterns?
...add embellishments? ...use crochet thread?
...make things without patterns? ...crochet with fabric?
...make crochet shoes? ...weave in the ends?
...block my projects? ...make clay hook handles?
...make my garments look professional? ...keep everything organized?
...add tags to crochet? ...make the magicring?
...add tags and labels to crochet? ...translate a pattern from another language?

What is...

...gauge? Or a gauge swatch? ...tapestry crochet?
...amigurumi? ...filet crochet?
...freeform crochet? ...3D or starch crochet?
...yarn pooling? ...a graphgan?
...foundation crochet? ...needle felting?


What is amigurumi? Amigurumi Basics
Advanced Amigurumi Three Ways to Do Single Crochet

Legal and Commerce

Am I allowed to sell things made from a pattern? Can I give a copy of a pattern to a friend?
How should I price my handmade work? Can I copy patterns for a class?
What should I charge to teach? What crochet items sell well?
What types of patterns sell well? Should my pattern be free or paid?


Why You Should Learn to Crochet How to Tackle the Gift Problem
What is yarnbombing? What charities should I give to?
How young can kids learn to crochet? What are some projects guys might like?
Where can I find a crochet group? Can I take my hook on a plane?
Size Charts for Blankets and Garments Can I wash my crochet projects? Or yarn?
How to Deal With Excuses Crochet for Knitters