kahn-stip-ay-shun | noun

A state in which you painfully realize the lack of fiber in your diet The urge to buy yarn ​



ee-rah-tuh | noun

Mistakes in a written pattern that come at the most inconvenient time A staple of every written pattern in existence



frahg-eeng | verb

The act of crocheting with a yarn, then ripping out your work Noun: 'frogged': refers to now ruined yarn from overuse. Sometimes washing it fixes it, sometimes you're screwed.


Gauge Swatch

gay-jj | noun

In theory, a small crocheted sqaure that will help you avoid making something the wrong size In reality, a goddamn waste of time.



huk-ur | noun

One who crochets or 'hooks'. Origin: crochet is actually French for 'hook' which is where the name comes from - not for our habit of offering sexual favors for yarn. On the other hand, I'd do a lot for merino wool.


Magic Ring

maj-ick reeng | noun

A magical ring of yarn that allows you to do things in the round without having a black hole in the center Not as easy as ch3


Needle Junkie

need-ull juh-n-kee | noun

One who knits. This is typically done with two needles or more. Said needles can have one or two pointy ends, be joined by plastic cord or be thick enough for light saber duels. Also refers to people who require way more tools to accomplish a single project. Decision making skills: questionable.



skayn | noun

A very flexible term that refers to one bundle of yarn. Rhymes with 'cocaine'. Possibly not a coincidence

stash | noun

Refers to the hoarding problem innate in a yarniac. We will use all of it one day. For sure. Maybe. Possibly. ​
Stitch Rage

st-itch wr-aage | noun

The state that occurs when you must rip stitches out and are forced to deal with frogged yarn verb; stitch raging



yarn-ee-ack | noun

Broader term applying to those who use yarn for crafting. i.e, you, me and everyone else on Ravelry.

yarn-eeng | verb

To be doing something with yarn. This can be knitting, crocheting, plastic canvas, weaving, spinning or dyeing. This does not include using yarn on those stupid cheap plastic looms. Stop cheating.

yarn-ohn | noun

That excited feeling you get when you walk into yarn shops What happens when you touch merino wool