Patterns are to hookers what memes are to the internet.

Paid Patterns

Paid patterns have often been created by people who write patterns professionally. (Yes, that's a thing.) Mostly, paid patterns are available in books, in yarn shops, and on They have been edited and tested several times which means they're less likely to have errata. They tend to be anywhere from $1 up to $10 individually and books tend to cost around $20 or so. Buy patterns, support the pros.

I'll be posting my patterns soon!

Free Patterns

So why would you pay for something you could get for free? Well, don't ask Hugh Grant. A free pattern most likely hasn't been tested, which means that mistakes were made and it might come with something incurable. But if you're willing to give the pattern a try, go on. Free patterns are often on blogs, webpages or downloadable on Ravelry. You don't pay a dime but you get what you pay for. And don't take that to mean free patterns tend to be 'bad': it just means they tend to be simple. The more complex a free pattern is, the more right you have to worry that it has errata.

I'll be posting my patterns soon!